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Ian Cecil Scott


Hi I'm Ian Cecil Scott.

I'm a Dublin based Music Composer and I write music mostly for media productions in local and international projects working on a range of diverse contents. 


During my career, I  worked back to back with directors and editors in the production of movies, documentaries, commercials, and short films and I found I love this collaboration because it allows me to tailor my music to best fit every single project, to engage with professionals from different arts and to research new ideas and music styles.


I've studied music composition for 10 years at the Conservatory Luigi Cherubini in Florence (Italy) with the old traditional system but with specialization in researched music and extended techniques for modern orchestra.

Also, I collaborated with several recording studios for rock, pop and metal productions.


My eclectic experience merged and melted traditional and innovative ideas together enhancing my personal style and favouring a dynamic workflow that flexibly modifies to fit the type of project.


Bach taught me the harmony, AC/DC gave me the punch…

…and producers yield me deadlines.

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